Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doily Day!!!

We've had some days with not much sunshine.  Makes it hard to take decent photos of my work...but I finally got the user guide out for my camera and gave it a try today.  I don't think they turned out too bad.

This doily is #51 from the book 99 Little Doilies.  It measures 4 7/8" x 8 1/4".  It was made with #10 thread.   I think it looks really cute framed, although the framing is only photo effects from an editing software.

This doily is an adaptation of a pattern found on Picasa.  I had originally saw one similar to it for sale on ebay...then the search was on!  It was made with #10 thread and measures 20 inches from point to point.  I just love the different valentines in the pattern.

This doily really caught my eye with the design, although all the picots around the final row were a real pain to get done.  Made with #10 thread and measures 15 inches across.

The final doily is "hubby's" pick of all of them.  It's from a foreign magazine. Made with #10 thread and measures 17 1/2 inches across. 

Thanks for taking the time to view my lastest works.  Hope you like them.



Elli said...

Wunderschoene Arbeiten!
bye, bye Elli

fotolabida1 said...


Luna said...

Hi Linda ...welcome all you doilies the one with hearts ,beautiful blog.
Thanks for visiting and ahave a wonderful week. :0)


Anna said...

Beautiful ! All of them...
Have a nice week.

vikki said...

very nice!!

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Hello Linda
Your work is absolutely stunning - I put you up on the pedestal with my mother, and that is saying something.

thankyou for your kind comment yesterday - it meant a lot.