Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Design 759--finished (almost)

The doily is finished, EXCEPT, for weaving in the ends on each point.  There are 12 points with 2 ends each = 24 ends, PLUS the two ends for the edging.  That means I have 26 ends to weave in with #30 thread.....very tedious!!!  Hopefully I can get it done over the 3-day holiday weekend. 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!


Faith said...

love them vintage patterns..and yours is beautiful as's funny how our husbands know moving the hook calms us really does...and in fact...I'm going to move mine is therapeutic.....:)

Susanne said...

Hello Linda! Thank you for visiting my blog. Everyone is welcome and hope you come again. I see you are a crochet thread lover and I saw on your side bar that you have made several table cloths. My dear, are you blind yet, lol, that is quite an accomplishment, some people think they are something if they can complete one. I have made doilies and a curtain in the past (still need to make the valance for it), it has been awhile and I should really take some pics and share what I've done. I have several my mil made and a couple that were gifts and one I bought in a garage sale for a couple dollars. That was a real find because it was a good sized one and very pretty. I am your newest follower. I keep finding some talented people out there and you appear to be one of them. Have a great weekend.
Susanne :)

lovestitch said...

Thank you so much for making my day with your kind words! I'm always inspired with your thread crochet, all your work is stunning! Yes, can see how tedious the weaving part is... Hope you are getting it done and can't wait to see your finished vintage doily!
You have a great day, too!
Hugs, LS