Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where to find Elizabeth Hiddleson books

I've had one follower ask about where to find some of Mrs. Hiddleson's books.

Jennie Gaskins of CountryYarns writes on her site:     "Mrs. Hiddleson designed beautiful thread doilies, tablecloths, motifs, chair sets, filet pieces, etc. during a large part of her life. We're fortunate that she decided to publish her patterns. They were available through mail order; if you have some earlier Workbasket magazines you will undoubtedly recognize one of her leaflets advertised in it! Her directions may not be for the faint-hearted crocheter, since she wrote them during a time when many crocheters were expected to "read between the lines" but don't let that put you off trying them! All patterns are accompanied by good sharp black and white photos with close-ups of the work when she thought it would be useful; the filet pieces are not charted but worked from the actual piece. Most of her designs were done in size 20 or size 30 thread, but of course any size thread can be used - the finished size will vary. All of the volumes have a basic crochet tutorial and sometimes instructions on special techniques such as hairpin lace."  

Mrs. Hiddleson is no longer living. 

Jennie has a good collection of books as well as some single patterns that are available.  Click on Country Yarns above to go to her website.  I have also seen used books being sold from time to time on Ebay and Etsy for those interested.



Charlotte Huffman said...

Thanks for the info. I love vintage doilies. Don't like the size of thread recommended though. I like size 10 thread.

Deborah Hamilton said...

I prefer size 10, too. Thanks for the information. The ones you've made are so pretty.

Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Linda..You make beautiful doilies, most I see are from vintage them. They are getting harder and harder to find, and if you do the asking price is just crazy. Hang on to those patterns. No wonder some of us are hoarders.Blessings