Monday, November 24, 2014

Mystery Item

 A friend was cleaning out some boxes that contained items from her mother-in-law and came across this.  We are trying to figure out what it is.  Does anyone have any ideas??



Lisa said...

I think it is for a pan or a pot.


Vikki Hooks said...

Hi Do you remember when corning first came out..their baking casseroles didn't have much of a handle..well I think this is a handle to take the hot casseroles out of the oven...I could be wrong..Have a great thanksgiving

LindaCrochets said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I've discovered it's a handle to take a hot pie plate out of the oven. It works perfectly with a regular glass pie plate - not the deep dish type.

ciapara said...

I have no idea what is it?

Susie Hewer said...

We have one like that for our grill pan.