Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello on Monday

Week 4 of retirement!  Got through the clean out phase.  Goodwill certainly benefited from it.  Still trying to get my posting of completed work updated.  I've almost finished my inventory of thread on hand.  I'm am almost ashamed to say its a LOT....but you know a doily addict can never have too much thread.

Happy Monday to everyone!!


Dee said...

Hi Linda...where do you buy your crochet thread online?



Linda Crochets said...

Hi Dee. I rarely buy on line. Most of my thread is from Hobby Lobby (Artiste #10 or Lizebeth #20), some white #20 and #30 from Walmart, and some odd stuff from Michaels. Several years ago I did do a large purchase of ThreadArt thread on line from Amazon I believe it was, and I'm still using some of that. It was #10 also.