Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Spring Heart Doily

Summer is definitely here this 1st day of June.  It's already 93 degrees here this afternoon with high humidity.  Just think, July and August are not even here yet!  I hate to think what kind of hot weather we will have those months!

I'm still trying to get caught up with my posting of completed projects.  I call this one Spring Heart Doily.  It was made with #10 thread using a #8 hook and measures 15 inches.  It's from Filethakeln leicht gemacht magazine, issue 2016-01.  It would also be pretty in hearts that are all red.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you are also experiencing this hot weather, stay cool!!


Lisa said...



Betsy said...

Oh that is beautiful! How nice of you to share your works of art with us.

susan q said...

absolutely gorgeous! I admire your crochet talent:)

Redlindy said...

So beautiful, thank you for sharing with us. I'm a big fan of crochet. My Mama taught me how to crochet, she makes doilies too. I love to crochet with yarn.
Sister From the South,
LindY G