Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A pretty doily with pineapples

This pattern was found somewhere along the way on Pinterest.  I really loved it, but with 45 rows I knew I didn't want it to be large, which it would be with size 10 or 20 thread.  I decided I would try my hand with LizBeth size 80 thread, and my Lacis .50mm hook.  The doily ended up being 16 inches, which is a nice size for me.  It is so light and delicate in the smaller thread.  (I may try another large table topper pattern I have my eye on next year with this size thread)

Thanks for stopping by!


Betsy said...

That is beautiful. I usually use #10 thread but I may have to try something smaller sometime soon.

Deborahnhamilton said...

It's really beautiful. Pineapples are my favorites to make. I have used size 30 but nothing smaller. I don't know if I could even see the stitches. HA!

Pammy Sue said...

Wow,wow,wow! Love this.