Friday, March 03, 2017

My Masters Degree

Did you know I'm about to be presented with my Masters Degree??  What is my major you may ask?

Well, it's making popcorn stitches.  I'm currently completing the last 4 scallops on the outer edge of the Royal Diamond Centerpiece.  There are a total of 1,176 popcorn stitches in the piece (if I've counted correctly).   Don't you think I've earned my Masters, or maybe even my Doctorate???  😊

Will post pictures as soon as it's blocked.

It's FRIDAY!  Thanks for stopping by!



Betsy said...

I think Doctorate. That's a LOT of popcorn stitches!

Małgorzata P said...

Cudowna serwetka.Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

Pammy Sue said...

You are absolutely a Master Doily Creator! I'd give you a PhD even!! Have you crocheted any of Patricia Kristoffersen's doilies from the book Doilies With A Twist? I've had the book for years, but I'm just now making my first one. I've been too intimidated until now. I guess I'm being brave now. Haha. I started "Irene" yesterday. It definitely takes patience when you get to the row with the twists and bars. I'm done with that part now, but I'm blocking it before continuing on because it was so bunched up and I wasn't sure if I had done it correctly. Wish I had used a 2.0 mm hook instead of my usual 1.75 mm. I think it would look better. So far so good. I just love making doilies!

Linda Crochets said...

Pammy Sue, I haven't made any from that book, but do have it. Her patterns do take some "attention to detail", and I've found it best to use the recommended hook size for best results. Thanks