Monday, April 10, 2017

Francisco Doily

I new doily by Grace Fearon, a really talented new designer.  This is her first doily that has a male name and was created for a special reason by her.  You can read the story HERE.  If you would like to create this beauty and at the same time contribute to a great cause by purchasing the pattern, see her website.

Thanks for stopping by!


Pammy Sue said...

I posted about this today too! I haven't even started mine yet though. Thinking about what color I want to make it. Yours is beautiful!

Preeti said...

Very beautiful !! Her patterns are so pretty:)

Linda Crochets said...

Yes, her patterns are beautiful! I've been very privileged to be able and test some patterns for her Pammy Sue, that is why mine is done on this one. I tested it back the 1st of March for her. Thanks

janice15 said...

It looks amazing Linda... Happy Easter with love Janice