Saturday, September 10, 2016

Changes made

Fall is in the air!  That being said, it was time for a change to the theme of the blog.  I've added fall doilies to my header and leaves in the background!  Not sure if I like it, but it will stay this way for a while.  Will need to update it before Christmas comes!

Have a nice weekend and God bless!


Deborah Hamilton said...

I think your fall theme is very pretty. It lifted my spirits when I first saw it.

Betsy said...

Your fall doilies are very pretty. I'm not ready for summer to be over because everyone is predicting a harsh winter for us. I certainly hope they are all wrong.

Anna said...

Lovely !

janice15 said...

I love it, i was wondering to do the same.. Lovely. Happy Monday with love Janice

Ninu said...

Very lovely!

Rita Hendricks said...

How do obtain the patterns that you have in your Header