Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rosaline Doily

Another beautiful design by Grace Fearon.  Made with Artiste #10 thread using a 2.00mm hook.  Finished doily measures 14 inches.  The picture with the pattern shows the outer edges rounded, but I like the points I made when blocking mine.  This a lovely doily with lots of texture, for which Grace is known in her designs.

Please remember the people in Texas and Louisiana in your prayers. I cannot imagine what they are going thru with all the water!



Deborah said...

I like the texture and the color.

Betsy said...

Beautiful pattern! Praying along with you for our neighbors in the south.

Tired Teacher said...

Wow, your work is gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I hope you'll return soon.

Aleksandra Strzelecka said...

This is AWESOME doily!
Send you my hugs!