Saturday, August 05, 2017

I'm really not LAZY!!

I thought retirement would give me a lot of free time.  What is the 'ole saying "things to do will expand to fill the time available"??  I think that's what has happened to me!  I've slowed down so much that I stay busy all the time if you know what I mean!  I've got to get it in gear and get organized again.

I have been crocheting, but not posting here.  I find I've got 12 completed items that haven't been shared with you faithful followers.  All have been completed since the end of May.

WELL, here goes with the first one!

A butterfly runner that was a special order.  It was made with #20 vintage thread in the color ecru and measures 18" x 30" inches completed.

Just as a side note, I have recently found a longer runner with this same basic pattern on Pinterest.  I may just have to make ONE more, but longer next time.  I've about "run" thru this vintage thread, so I'll have to choose another brand to use.

Thanks for stopping by on this Saturday afternoon, and I promise to be back in a day or two with more "pretties".


PS....the pattern can be found in Magic Crochet issue 115, and is called Swallowtail Butterflies there.


Deborah said...


Betsy said...

That is stunning! I love the butterflies and will be on. A hunt for the pattern!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Beautiful! I've been a little reluctant to try a pattern like this but you have given me incentive!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Lovely. I hope you do get a chance to share more with us. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful things you make. :)

Aleksandra Strzelecka said...

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

Rita Hendricks said...

Where can the pattern for the butterfly doily be found, it's beautiful. Thank you