Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not quiet the Ramber Rose Doily

This doily started out being the vintage pattern called Rambler Rose Doily.  After making the center I could see it was going to be large, in fact larger than I wanted.  I then had to decide how I was going to finish it off and be able to use what I had already done.  The outer edge is what I came up with.  The Rambler Rose pattern can be found at 

Started 6/8/2014; finished 6/24/2014.  Made with #10 thread using a #10 hook.  Measures 16 inches across.

This is the last one for today.  One more on the drying board.
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Tapete de Abanicos doily

I found this pattern on a blog here.  You will have to scroll back through the blog to find the pattern.  Made with #20 Lizbeth thread using a #12 hook.  Started 5/16/2014; finished 5/24/2014.  Measures 13 1/2 inches.

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A pretty little piece

I was playing around with a motif from the Star Tablecloth Book No. 28 (American Thread Company) published in 1944.

I made just a small rectangular doily.  The pattern would look good as a runner.  Made with #20 thread using a #9 hook.  Started 5/15/2014; finished 5/27/2014.  Measures 13 inches X 8 inches.

 I've spent of the day blocking finished pieces.  More finished projects to come. 
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Something to share

I was reading some of the blogs I follow thru Inoreader.  If you haven't tried this site, you must!  I came across a blog that I follow that had posted a doily that I had made a few years back, along with the link to the pattern.  You see this doily for sale on ebay and esty quite a lot.

Here's the doily I made.....

Here's the link to the blog with the doily in another color combination and a link to the pattern. You will have to come up with your own flower and leaves for the center as that's not part of the pattern.